matthew Roney

The Garden Party Candidate

I’m Matthew Roney

Matthew Roney is a twenty-year-old political science student at DePaul University. He originally moved to Chicago to pursue a career in medicine. However, after working in a pharmacy for two years, Matt became appalled by the fact that many of his customers could not afford their medications. Realizing that this was one of many issues many people had to deal with along with other social and economic problems, Matt realized that a career in healthcare was no longer a viable career path for him. He decided to adventure out and see how he could possibly make a difference. During this time frame he got an internship at his local Alderman’s office; traveled throughout Latin America and got more involved in politics and public policy. Matt will be finishing his undergraduate studies at Depaul University this year and he intents to go onto law school in the near future. Matt has interacted with hundreds of people and witnessed the negative impact that government policies have had on our citizens firsthand. Matt realized that the city of Chicago needs lasting, systematic change, and his vision for what our city
should look like is what drove him to run for mayor of Chicago.

Matthew loves Chicago, but he hates the way our city is managed. In order to bring lasting, systematic change to our city, Matt founded a new political called, “The Garden Party” in order to turn his policies into priorities on the city’s agenda.

With his bold leadership and comprehensive new strategy that is designed to advance our collective interests- housing, education, economic development, wellness, culture, and public safety- Matt has been attending community events, and meeting with community leaders around Chicago to address the socioeconomic conditions of our neighborhoods. We support Matt’s vision to turn “The Second City” into “The Magnet City” and we believe that his leadership will unite all racial and ethnic communities around common interests in order to transform Chicago into an attractive, healthy, family-friendly city whose residents are empowered and fully engaged in its sustainability and growth.