I’m Matthew Roney, and I’m the 21-year-old progressive candidate running for Alderman of Chicago’s 43 rd Ward.

I can see what’s possible— Chicago can become an attractive, healthy, family-friendly city whose residents are empowered and fully engaged in its sustainability and growth. As a Certified Pharmaceutical Technician and political science student at DePaul University, I am trained to overcome the obstacles of bias and see problems for what they truly are, then find the best solution to address them. I will apply this approach by promoting a progressive policy agenda that will unite all racial and ethnic groups around common interests: housing, education, economic development, wellness, culture, and public safety.

As a certified pharmaceutical technician, I recommend that we finally give our neighborhoods the medication that they need: We must invest in our communities by implementing policies that are designed to help Chicagoans get access to better-paying jobs, and access to crucial funding for neighborhood development and community enrichment.

Community Development

As Alderman, I will work to increase transport options; build complete communities; protect the green zone, and invest in education and related human capital programs, such as job training and early childhood development.


Human Capital Development

I will work towards implanting policies that are designed to “share the wealth” of our booming downtown private economy with Chicagoans.

Economic Development

I will promote managed growth and balanced development. I will walk a tightrope between confrontation and compromise with our powerful business and real estate community, while promoting a progressive policy agenda that will unite all racial and ethnic groups around common interests.

Gun Violence

I will address our gun violence epidemic by fighting poverty, discrimination, and racism, while working with activists and policy experts to immediately implement the Police Accountability Task Force recommendations.


I will work to turn our “sanctuary city” into “a sanctuary fortress” in order to protect the members of our immigrant community from violence, deportation, and family separation.

The Garden Party

Focus on Education and Human Capital Development: Our Roots Are in The Neighborhoods

In June, I filed a D-1 Statement of Organization in order to run for mayor of Chicago in the 2019 mayoral election; however, I have decided to respectfully withdraw from the Chicago mayor race and run for Alderman of the 43 rd Ward instead. My time as a mayoral candidate was short lived, but it has helped me understand that all of the issues that 43 rd residents are concerned about- public safety, stable property taxes, environmental sustainability, education, economic development and pedestrian safety- are interconnected.

In order to make my policies a priority on the city’s agenda, I have been attending community events to try to muster support for a new political party that I am building called, “The Garden Party”. The idea for creating this new political party grew from my understanding that everyone wants the same thing: every mother wants their kids to get a good education; every father does not want to have to worry about their daughter walking home from the “L” at night; and every Chicagoan does not want to worry about whether the lead in the water they drink will kill them before the gangbangers do.

For more information on how I will fight for the people of the 43 rd Ward please visit the Alderman page. For information on how I will fight for all Chicagoans and turn, “The Second City” into, “The Magnet City” please visit the page entitled, “The Magnet City” (The left PDF contains the shortened version of my public policy proposals and the PDF on the right is an in-depth analysis on how we can create lasting, systematic change). This PDF contains phase 1 of my grand plan entitled, “Roney’s Root Initiative”- Phase 2 will be released at a later date and it will contain more information on the new train line that I want to build called “The Rainbow Train”.

If you support my policies, then please, join me, and other members of “The Garden Party” so that our roots can grow, and our neighborhoods can flourish. We are leading a countermovement in order to bring lasting, systematic change to our city.
Remember: We must work together in order to help each other grow.

Estamos Juntos! We Are Together!